Who am I?



Johnny van den Berg


Born and raised in sunny South Africa, I have been exposed to tech from a very young age and have always enjoyed learning new technologies and concepts, also an animal lover and active gamer!

My Story

Having spent years in the Telecommunications, Corporate and ICT markets I have identified areas in which companies could benefit from a little bit extra expertise in order to move their business and transformation forward.

It is from there that I have decided to assist individuals in growing their personal skills and knowledge in order to better their own understanding of the technological landscape and their own environments.

Our Approach

My Vision

I believe in equal opportunity for those who put in the effort, that knowledge should be something that is shared and that companies only benefit from operating transparently, my main goal is to up-skill as many individuals as I can in order to progress their own careers as well as grow the companies where they are working.

I aim to frequently post blogs on anything networking and network security related as well as sharing knowledge through any mediums available to me.

Our Story