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Hello and welcome to The Network Berg, it is from this site that I aim to release content surrounding network and network security topics in order to help grow your knowledge as well as help businesses with transforming their IT Infrastructure.

Having spent over a decade in the Telecoms, ICT and Corporate markets I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on multi-vendor products in which I hold certifications and I would like to share this knowledge with you!

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EVE-NG: First Time Configuration

EVE-NG: THE Network Emulator! Welcome to this new section which will be completely dedicated to EVE-NG as well as importing different devices into EVE-NG, this first post will be dealing with installing EVE-NG Community edition Read more…

Cisco VRRP Configuration

Hello and welcome to the Cisco section! Today we will be looking at implementing redundancy on Layer 2 using VRRP . This post will cover Cisco VRRP configuration.  Cisco does offer a proprietary protocol called Read more…